Tech geeks,rejoice!after the widespread dis appointment last fall when we learned that the new iphone would only be the 4s(what,we couldnt make the jump all the what)在挫败感大增的去年秋天,当我们发现新的iphone是4S的时候(什么,我们不能突然跳到iphone 5吗?),苹果再次宣布发布iphone 5。正如承诺的那样,它可以享受新的设计,做新的事情。

同时非常闪亮。这就是我要说清楚的全部,这要求我现在考虑一篇。有人和我在一起吗?According to CNN,Apple vice president Philip Schiller introduced the iphone 5 at the yerba buena center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon据CNN报道,苹果副总裁菲利普席勒周三下午在旧金山yeva berna中心解释iphone 5时表示:“这是有意义的宝石。


”lets get down to the nitty gritty . what makes the new iphone bigger(literally)and better than before?让我们考虑一下细节。什么使新的iphone变得更强(字面意思),比以前更好?-the iphone 5 is taller and slimmer(its 7 . 6mm thick)than previous models . it is also 20 percent lighter than the iphone 4s . iphone iphone 4s比20-it has a four-inch,136 x 640 pixel display that will allow you to view five rows of icons at once。有4英寸136 x 640像素显示器-it will be compatible with 4G LTE wireless networks on carriers including Verizon,AT&T,and Sprint (as well as-major changes have been made to the camera and isight . for those of you who know about things(unlike me-I like shiny things)hh)CNN表示:“该相机目前具有8万像素传感器、3,264 x2,448像素分辨率、背光、混合IR滤镜、5行镜头、F2.4光圈和小25。”通俗地说,照相机可以拍出更好的照片。

-the video camera can now shoot in 1080 p HD,and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6。现在相机可以拍摄1080p高清,配备iOS6的FaceTime最多可以拍摄3G。-the iphone 5 will also have a new dock connector,Which is being called lightning . to use your old cord(Which will from here on out be referring苹果将出售适配器。

-apple claims the battery will last eight hours during 3g talk time And browsing,10 hrs for Wi-Fi browsing And video watching,40 hrs PS苹果公司表示,该电池将持续8小时的3G通话和网页、10小时的Wi-Fi页面和视频观看、40小时音乐广播、225小时等待时间。-apple also confirmed that they will be replacing Google maps with its own maps app-which will be able to provide turn-by-turn navigata-ss-It will come in black and white。不是黑白上市的。-the release date is September 21,so mark your calendars!发表日期是9月21日。

请在日历上标记!And did I mention that its shiny?我说过它很闪亮吗?。